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Ruperts Not Afraid - 1

Developer: Wyld Stallyns Games
1.99 usd

In Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees, Rupert shows Glenn that climbing trees is a fun thing to do, even if it can be a little scary. Rupert is a brave little boy who's not afraid of anything! He runs and plays and loves having fun, but his best friend Glenn seems to be afraid of just about everything. That's not a problem for Rupert, though. When Glenn is afraid, Rupert is there to help. With a courageous head and a kind heart, Rupert shows Glenn that there's really no need to be afraid, and helps Glenn try new things every day.
Let the adventure story read itself in either a mommy's voice or a daddy's voice, or choose "I Can Read" and read aloud to the child. The large, colorful words are perfect for beginners who are just learning to read!
By tapping the bouncing words in each scene, the characters come to life and act out the story right before the eyes of the reader. When the scene is over, simply tap to turn the page to see what happens next! If you need to use your iDevice while reading about Rupert and Glenn, don't worry about losing your place; your story will still be at the same place when you come back!
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